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Meet Our Chef - Brian Andrews
Meet Our Chef - Brian Andrews

Describe the cuisine at your restaurant.
Modern British

Where did you train?

I did most of my training at Ashfields Restaurant in Leicestershire. It was an amazing learning curve, working in all sections of a busy small kitchen and then working in the Grand Hotel in Torquay where everything was done on a much larger scale.

Why did you want to become a chef?
I worked part time washing up at the local restaurant where there was a great atmosphere and camaraderie in the kitchen and I wanted to be part of it.

What was the first dish you ever cooked?
The first meal I ever cooked was a breakfast for my mum on Mother’s Day. It was scrambled eggs on toast.

What was your favourite childhood food?
Spaghetti Bolognaise topped with cheese and fried egg.

Which chefs have inspired you and why?
From my early days there was Paul Hadfield & Michael Nisjten, who both amazed me with their enthusiasm and knowledge of food. Now there is Rick Stein - what he has achieved is brilliant, great food cooked and served simply.

What advice would you give to a chef just starting out?
Stay at it! Be Committed.

What’s your favourite dish to cook and why?
At the minute we are getting great feed back from the Bibury lamb dish. I use the saddle, liver and breast and serve them with minted dauphinoise and pea and baby gem fricassee.

What would be your last meal?
There is a small farm around the corner, called Foxbury Farm and their steaks are amazing, so I would have a nice rib eye with truffle butter, sauté potatoes, asparagus & béarnaise and a Caesar salad with crispy pancetta & a soft boiled pheasant egg.

Which ingredients do you always keep in your larder?
Good olive oil, balsamic, chutney, pickles, pasta, spices and sea salt.

What is your favourite herb or spice and why?
I use a lot of Asian & aromatics spices, star anise, cinnamon, fennel & coriander seed & crushed chilli’s. My favourite is Szechwan pepper.

What are some of your favourite spring ingredients?
Bibury Farm lamb, asparagus, rabbit and crab.

If you could have only one gadget in your kitchen, what would it be and why?

A Stick Blender, great for soups, sauces and dressings.

What is the phrase you utter the most in the kitchen?
There are a few ‘Service’ and ‘Tea, No Sugar!’

What’s your favourite cookery book?
‘The Big Fat Duck’, Heston Blumenthal. ‘Noma’, Rene Redzeppi. Great reading books.

Name: Brian Andrews
The Bay Tree Hotel
Address: Sheep Street, Burford, Oxfordshire
OX18 4LR
Tel: 01993 822 791
Fax: 01993 823 008

Meet Our Chef - Brian AndrewsMeet Our Chef - Brian AndrewsMeet Our Chef - Brian AndrewsMeet Our Chef - Brian Andrews
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