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Our Cheese Tray
Our Cheese Tray

Our fantastic Cheese Tray, showcasing an array of British and Continental cheeses, will be brought to your table. The cheeses will be described in full, helping you to choose your selection, prior to being carved.

May Hill Green
Full fat pasteurised cows’ milk soft cheese made with vegetarian rennet. A soft almost runny cheese with a gentle enigmatic flavour coming from the chopped nettles which coat the rind. Made by Charles Martell and Son in Gloucestershire.

Cerney Ash
Made by hand in Gloucestershire using unpasturised goat's milk and vegetarian rennet, the Cerney Pyramid is a full fat Valencay-type cheese and coated with an oak ash/sea salt mix from France.

Stinking Bishop
Stinking Bishop cheese, despite its alarming name and smell, is mild-flavoured and quite delicious. The smell arises from bacterial action on the perry, soaked into the rind. Made by Charles Martell and Son in Gloucestershire.

Rich, sweet, fruity and nutty. Sometimes with a fruity acidity that is reminiscent of pineapples, sometimes creamy and biscuity, but the flavours are always, long, deep and mouth-filling. The texture can be slightly grainy and depending on age varies from quite firm to moist and relatively soft.

Cotswold White
Soft creamy brie-like cheese made by Simon Weaver’s Organic Dairy. The flavour is mellow and nutty with mushroom notes.

Cotswold Blue
A light soft cheese with blue veins gently running through. It is creamy, mild yet flavoursome and very spreadable. Made by Simon Weaver’s Organic Dairy  near Lower Slaughter.

Hereford Hop
A semi-firm cheese with a sharp engaging almost citrus, buttery flavour. Liberally coated with dried hops which impart a rich toasty flavour to the cheese. Handmade by Charles Martell, creator of the famous Stinking Bishop cheese.

Choose 5 cheeses from a selection of 12 which will be accompanied by homemade biscuits, apricot & apple chutney, quince jelly, fig & almond tart, celery, fresh apples & grapes, white truffle honey and homemade mulberry jam from our mulberry tree.

Cheese instead of dessert £7.50 supplement
Cheese as an extra course £15.00 supplement

Allergy advice:
All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, gluten and other allergens are present and our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients - if you have a food allergy, please let us know before ordering. Full allergen information is available.

Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu
Our Cheese Tray
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