Gender Pay Gap

As a Company with more than 250 employees we are required by law to publish our Gender Pay Gap Figures.  These figures show the difference between male and female average hourly pay, average bonus pay, the number of males and females receiving bonuses and the proportion of males and females in each quartile of the company’s pay structure.  The gender pay gap is different to equal pay regulations which require men and women to receive equal pay for carrying out the same or similar jobs or work of equal value. The gender pay gap report shows the difference in the average pay between all men and women in a workforce.

The gender pay gap calculations have been completed on the snapshot date of 5th April 2017.

The Mean calculation is based on the average of all pay and the Median calculation is the middle rate when the figures are listed in numerical order.

Hourly Rate of Pay

We are pleased to report that our mean hourly gender pay gap is 8% and our median hourly gender pay gap is 2% which is significantly lower than the UK national average of 18.4%.

Mean Hourly Rate of Pay

Women’s Mean Hourly Rate of Pay is 8% Lower than Men’s

Median Hourly Rate of Pay

Women’s Median Hourly Rate of Pay is 2% Lower than Men’s

Bonus Pay

Whilst more women are in roles that are eligible for performance related bonuses the median bonus pay gap result is affected by bonuses paid to men in senior roles.

Mean Bonus Pay

Women’s Mean Bonus Pay is 42% Higher than Men’s

Median Bonus Pay

Women’s Median Bonus Pay is 29% Lower than Men’s

Proportion of Males and Females receiving a Bonus Payment:

Male                       Female

11%                        25%

Pay Quartiles

We are proud to say that our Board of Directors is an equal split between males and females but we are challenged by typically male orientated roles of General Managers and Head Chefs which are contained within of our Upper Pay Quartile.



Cotswold Inns and Hotels will continue to provide opportunities to all employees regardless of gender and look forward to reporting these figures on an annual basis.

Paul Davis

Managing Director

Cotswold Inns & Hotels



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