Welcome Herdy!

11th January 2019

New to Cotswold Inns & Hotels; meet our little Herdy’s!

Having arrived just before Christmas, they are now available to take home from each of our Cotswold hotels as the perfect memento of your stay.

Sheep are synonymous to the Cotswolds – so much so that the area is actually named after them!…

“Cots” meaning sheep, and “Wolds” meaning hills.

The Cotswold breed of sheep (sometimes nicknamed Cotswold Lions) was first brought to Britain by the Romans and they roamed the Cotswold hills in their thousands.

During the middle ages, the Cotswolds became centre of the wool trade, producing great wealth for the area (and beautiful manor houses and churches as a result!)

When the wool market slowed in the early 1900’s, Cotswold sheep became a rare breed. Thankfully, however, numbers have built back up in recent years and there is a thriving Cotswold Sheep Society ensuring that this is the case!

If you’d like to see Cotswold breed sheep while you’re in the area, you can find some at the Cotswold Farm Park

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